Elevate Your Singing for Beginners

The beginner singer's guide to songs, vocal technique, musicality and practice


This course is for you if:

  • You're a lover of music who dreams of being able to sing!
  • You're curious and ready to start learning about your voice, practicing some vocal exercises and finally singing some songs!
  • You know you're ready to take your first singing steps, but don't know where to start!
  • You don't really want to go through the vulnerability of learning how to navigate your voice and singing in front of a stranger.
  • You're not sure if you can even learn to sing?
  • You're tired of your singing dream not yet being a reality!
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Whether you..


  • Want to sing for yourself as your own personal hobby, honouring your love for singing/music



  • Want to sing and join in with friends who always seem to have endless songs to sing at a session and even be able to make future friends through music


  • Or want to make the move from being an instrumentalist who plays at gigs to an instrumentalist who can sing lead too!


...then this course is for you

and I will guide you through your singing uncertainty by giving you the tools, inspiration and knowledge on your journey to becoming a confident singer!


By the end of this course you will:

  • Have sung and learned your first 6 songs
  • Be practicing vocal technique
  • Be practicing your pitching and musicality
  • Have explored your own voice and gained knowledge and understanding of how your singing voice works
  • Have warm up tracks, vocal technique exercises tracks, musicality tracks, know the mechanics of how to do each exercise and understand the purpose of what each exercise is training
  • Know your vocal range, voice classification and what that even means!
  • Have a list of extra beginner songs to sing post course, know what key to sing them in and how to change the key of these songs yourself at home!
  • Know the process of learning a song
  • Know how to apply vocal technique to actually singing songs
  • Have had a highly educational, silky smooth first experience with voice training
  • Know whether singing is something that you'd like to pursue further, or whether this course was actually enough for you

I’ve been taking vocal lessons with Alison for over a year. She’s a very talented teacher and has helped me to really improve my technique and confidence in singing. My voice feels much stronger and I’m able to sing a much wider range of repertoire in a variety of styles. She knows what your voice needs to take it to the next level.

Bairbre Diamond


One time payment of £47


This course is amazing. I had singing lessons before and didn’t understand the reason behind some of the exercises you do when learning to sing. Alison explains them in great detail and everything makes sense now. I’m more aware of how to control my voice and what I need to work on. I can hear a huge improvement in my voice already and am so excited to keep it up and finally be able to sing with confidence.

 Clem Buckley

With this course I got to understand my instrument better and what voice training actually entails. I learnt useful tricks like transposing songs to match the best key for me, I have my own warm up routine that I practice every time I am going to sing, I learnt about the different vocal registers and breathing, and got plenty of exercises to practise from the transition to chest and to head! I now know that I have a huge vocal range and that I am classified as an Alto, like Cher or Sarah Vaughan! How cool that is? And I have goals set for the next few months! I would 100% recommend this course to anybody!

Nerea Barros

As a musician I would highly recommend Elevate Your Singing. Part of my work as a professional guitarist is singing backing vocals and it has always been a weakness of mine. Alison demystified the voice and provided me with the knowledge on how to actually practice my own unique voice, just like any other instrument. I feel so much more confident with my singing now and I’m currently working on doing lead vocals.

Mattie Barker

Thoroughly enjoying this course; I came here as a complete beginner and have learned so much! There is lots of content but its delivered in a such a way that makes it feel fun. Alison is a pleasure to learn from and is so professional and approachable. I love that I can go back to previous weeks to recap on exercises and it is so handy doing a lesson at a time. There is so much to be gained from this course, lots of technical content that makes it great for the beginner

Michaela McGrath

What's inside Elevate Your Singing?

Each module of the course is structured to contain 6 lessons:

  • A knowledge lesson, where we learn more about how our singing voice works and how it can be trained.
  • A warm up lesson, where we learn why we warm up, how to do specific warm ups and what they are warming up. These lessons also come with a downloadable warm up track to practice with during the week and after the course.
  • A musicality lesson, looking at pitching and training your musical ear for singing. A big part of singing is pitching, and this is a skill we will learn and practice. Anyone can train their musical ear, unless you are tone deaf (which btw, is only about 5% of the population! Unless you hear music as trash cans hitting each other, then you can train your musical ear and sing!!)
  • A vocal technique lesson, where we learn how to do a specific technique exercise, understand what the exercise is training in our voice and practice it along with a downloadable exercise track for use during and after the course.
  • A song lesson, where you learn a beginner song with me. From these lessons, you'll develop and understand the process of learning a song efficiently, while having fun and not tiring out your voice!
  • And finally, a 'bridging the gap' lesson, where we apply what we've learned in this module to the song we are singing! This is the lesson that ties the whole module together. We look at how and where the knowledge, musicality and technique that we have learned is present in the song and how to use the song to practice your technique and musicality.

Module 1



Here is where you learn in one week what would usually take your first 4 to 8 singing lessons. I take you through understanding your voice and how we train it. We look at where your vocal folds are, the parts of your instrument (the voice), what parts of our voice can we train?

Warm up

Next is warming up. You learn why we warm up, the template of a good vocal warm up and how it fits in with this weeks warm up tutorial and warm up track.


Next is warming up. You learn why we warm up, the template of a good vocal warm up and how it fits in with this weeks warm up tutorial and warm up track.


Then, my favourite piece of technique to vocal teach students: how your vocal folds meet!


You'll learn your first beginner song with me: Knockin On Heavens Door by Bob Dylan!

Bridging the Gap

Everything comes together here for you. We apply what we've learned in this module to the song and look at using the song to practice our technique and musicality.


Understanding what we're training when practicing singing.

Step by step, essential pitching process.

A beginner song, picked out for you and thought directly to you

Applying vocal technique to the song - it not just being an exercise separate to your actual singing.

Module 2



This weeks knowledge lesson is all about vocal range. You learn what vocal range is and understand what it means when people state their range and how this relates to the piano.


Putting last weeks musicality exercises into practice, you find your own vocal range following along with me on a guided video and fill out your range on your own personal range master sheet.

Warm up

You learn new warm ups to add to your collection and download this weeks warm up track to practice along with.


In this weeks technique lesson, we learn about vocal twang! What is it? How to practice it? And a downloadable exercise track to practice with during the week and after the course.

Song and Bridging the Gap: We learn song number and how to apply what we've learned this week to the song.

BONUS LESSON: Voice Classifications

This is an bonus lesson about voice classifications where you learn what they are, why we use them and what your voice classification is!


Discover your vocal range and voice classification

New warm up track and vocal technique exercise to practice

A new song to practice singing for the week!

Module 3 

In this weeks knowledge lesson, you learn about vocal registers! If you've ever wonder what head voice, chest voice or falsetto is.. this is the lesson for you! You'll have a vocal warm up and song based around vocal registers - helping you to put into practice what we're learning about. This weeks technique lesson is all about exploring the registers in your own voice, getting to know where they are and comfortable moving between them. Musicality this week is based around learning some major music vocabulary, and then we tie all of this together the 'bridging the gap' lesson.


Understand vocal registers and understand the different registers in your own voice

Know how to warm up different registers of your voice + downloadable warm up track

Practice a song that moves between registers and a downloadable exercise track for exploring your own registers

Module 4 

This week is all about the first gear change or transition in our voice - it's that wobbly bit in the middle of your voice that's a bit harder to sing in. We learn why this area is tricky to sing in in our knowledge lesson, learn how to warm this area up, look at a technique exercise to practice for the transition, learn a song that brings us near the transition and look at exploring how we are handling our own transition in the 'bridging the gap' lesson.


Understanding what the transition is and removing fear of singing in it!

Having downloadable transition exercises to practice with, understanding how to do the exercises and what they are training.

Another song to keep you singing and applying your new knowledge to.

Module 5 

This week is all about the breath for singing! We look at understanding breathing for singing in our knowledge lesson (and busting some breathing myths), breathing exercises in our technique lessons (yep, multiple technique lessons this week), we learn a new song this week AND apply what we've learnt about the breath to this weeks song.


Understanding the breathing system for singing.

Having specific, step by step exercises to practice AND understanding what these exercises are training.

Having another song learned and ready to practice your breathing with.

Module 6 

Can I change my mind and say that this weeks knowledge and technique lessons are my favourite to teach to students?! Or at least they tie with week one's lesson! This final week, we look at understanding the vocal tract in our knowledge lesson. (In my own singing journey, understanding this was like someone lifting a curtain and allowing me backstage to where all the secret but powerful vocal tools were hidden!!) We learn how to train in specific vocal tract shapes in our technique lesson and of course, we have a warm lesson and exercise track to accompany it. We then learn our final song together and tie all of our vocal tract knowledge together with our song in the 'bridging the gap' lesson.


Learning about and actively practicing one of the hidden gems in singing: the vocal tract!

Having guided, downloadable exercise tracks to continue practicing these vocal tract shapes with after the course AND understanding why you're training in each of these shapes.

Learning your final song, and having a step by step lesson with me where I show you how to apply what you have learned about the vocal tract to a song and how to practice it in!

When you enrol, you'll get:

36 lessons over 6 modules guiding you through EVERYTHING a beginner singer needs to know and practice.

Backing tracks for all of the warm ups, technique exercises and musicality exercises in the course so that you can practice at home yourself during and after you've finished the course.

Knowledge and understanding of how your voice works, how it can be trained and what you are training with each vocal exercise.

Guided step by step through singing your first songs and a list of beginner songs to keep you singing after the course.

You will be given access to one module per week.

This will allow you enough time to work through the content, but you are welcome to go at your own pace if you want to take things slower.

Plus You'll be Backed by a Risk-Free 7-Day Guarantee

Even though I believe that this course is an excellent educational first step for anyone looking to learn to sing, I also believe in offering a Risk-Free 7-Day Guarantee incase you disagree. I want what's best for you, and if after completing the first module you are not satisfied that this course is the right first step for you, I'd like to offer you your money back.




One time payment of £47



I've been singing for as long as I can remember, but singing didn't come naturally to me (which usually surprises people when I tell them, seeing as now I'm a professional singer and vocal coach!). All of my own mistakes, technique issues and pitching issues sent me on a quest to find out how to train the voice, understand how it works and put this into practice myself, which has shaped me into the teacher that I am today. After completing a BA in Popular Music, the BAST singing teacher training course twice, performing all around Ireland and spending my spare time researching how the voice works, I became a singing teacher over 5 years ago. I love to share the knowledge that I have gained on my own vocal journey to help others access their singing voice. It's there - you just might not have the correct tools to unleash it yet.

Alison Ronayne

I’ve been taking lessons with Alison for over 2 years now. Alison has helped me to improve my singing, learn so much about my voice, she has introduced me to loads of new styles of music and I’ve gained so much confidence, all while having fun and enjoying music.

Rachel O' Gorman


One time payment of £47