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Comprehensive course for singers undertaking any recording project.



Are you a singer who's interested in recording?

Whether you have some experience under your belt, or you are brand new to the world of recording, this course is for you.

Is this you?

Seasoned Singer Taking First Steps Towards Recording 

Perhaps you feel stuck, you've been singing for years but have never gotten around to recording and are nervous about taking the first steps.

Live Singer Who Wants a Recording to Represent their time Invested in their Craft

Maybe you're tired of gigging all the time, working hard to entertain others, taking home your pay, but never really feeling like you've got anything to show for all the time invested in your craft

The Singer Who Wants to Record for Fun

You love to sing: it's your passion. The thought of recording your voice singing the music you love (whether it's covers versions or originals) really excites you. All you need is the roadmap on how to do it.

...then this course is for you

You're in the right place! Here's how Elevate Your Recording

can help you on your singing journey.



By the end of this course you will:

  • Know which are the key decisions you will have to make to begin a recording project
  • Have a clear understanding of the different routes you can take to record your voice
  • Learn how to prepare your music and your voice for a recording
  • Regularly warm up using a series of custom vocal warm up backing tracks that are easily accessible on your smart phone. Just press play and sing!
  • Learn how to prepare great backing vocals for your record
  • Become familiar with the workings of a professional recording studio, the equipment used and terminology you may hear when recording in a studio
  • Learn how to set up your own home recording studio, on desktop computer or on a mobile device, and even get a list of recommended products to suit your specific needs.
  • Calm those nerves and have some really useful tactics to combat your fears in relation to recording
  • Be able to get the vocal recording take of your dreams, once you master some key aspects to singing with the 'red recording light'

"The "Elevate Your Recording" online course is simply amazing. It is so practical, easy to understand and so informative. It really makes you think about all the aspects necessary and how to approach and prepare for them. These are details we would never think of and it's all in the prep. I was delighted I did it, Angela has a terrific teaching style in person and this on-line course lives up to the standard you'd expect, (and then some)!! Highly recommend this course, as a "must do" prep and/or even just as an insight into how it all works. Terrific!!"

Molly Flanagan

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"What can I say about Angela only she truly helped me find my voice again after polyps. I'm a professional vocalist but had such fear and physical and mental limitations and she helped me through all of them. My technique soared with my confidence and I fell in love with vocal science and performance psychology. I've gone on to become a vocal coach myself to help others find their voice and I'm completing the second year of my masters in vocal performance. I owe so much of that to her. Love you Angela!"

Christine Cusack

"It was a brilliant course covering everything from preparing you before the studio, to getting the most out of your time in the studio. I particularly liked the part about learning the different terms you will come across in the studio , so you will feel less lost if someone asks you something. I also found learning a bit about home recording very helpful and how it can be a way of preparing you for the full studio recording. I would give this course 10/10 , it had a very clear layout and worksheets and templates were supplied. I also found it great that I could complete it in my own time and also have the different modules to look back at, when ever I wanted to."

Sally Nagle

"Having never set foot in a recording studio in my life I was very unsure of what is expected, needed, and helpful in a recording setting. Angela gives a very well presented and easy to follow course that provides you with resources and helps you prepare for your recording session. Having completed the course I now have confidence in booking a recording session in a studio and also know what is needed for home recording projects. If the world of recording is alien to you I would highly recommend this course."

Nigel Frahill

"Hi my name is Makayla Mehigan, I am 13 yrs old. I thought the course would be a bit above my head but it was not. I learned loads, like doing a creative cover, how to do an album and about copywriting. Angela was very easy to follow, made it very interesting. The course was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it. I would highly recommend the course."

Makayla Mehigan


Planning To Record


The very first module addresses 6 key decisions you will need to make in order to begin a recording project.

Following a step by step process you will discover whats important to you when it comes to recording your voice.

The prospect of a new beginning can be intimidating. This module will ease you through the planning process so you are free to concentrate on the creative side of your journey!

Have you considered:

  • what type of music you will record?
  • what accompaniment will you use?
  • what type of release you would like ?
  • who will be on your 'team'?
  • who will be on your 'team'?
  • a timeline for a recording project a timeline for a recording project 
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  • Discover how easy it is to decide what you want, when you are presented with clear options
  • Realise that research is an integral part of any recording project, but when accompanied by a clear plan, will not leave you feeling intimidated or overwhelmed by the process.


Content Preparation



You've heard it said 'Preparation is Key'. In Module 2 it's time to ensure your voice & music are in tip top shape before recording.


Why not avoid any confusion and wasted time, and guarantee a smooth process from start to finish by following a proven pathway to success.

Now is the time:

  • to select specific songs and keys for your recording
  • to learn how best to prepare your voice and showcase your talent to the max
  • to learn how to prepare really great backing vocals that will suit your music and recording
  • to familiarise yourself with some useful websites and software that will aid your preparation
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  • Implementing a vocal warm up routine using a series of custom warm up backing tracks, all conveniently available on your smart phone
  • Listening and analysing different types of backing vocals in some well known songs will help you decide what will suit your music


Module 3 takes a look at how you would best prepare for a professional recording studio experience. Many singers, even those with studio experience, feel intimidated by the thought of having their voice put 'under a microscope', and all the while try to conjure up an 'ace' performance.

Getting familiar with the equipment and terminology used at a professional recording studio, will help ease that anxiety and leave you feeling more at home once you finally get in to record.

In this module you will also learn how to prepare a practical lyrics sheet, full of all the reassuring info you might need, to take with you to the vocal booth.


  • Realising that once you are well prepared for the studio, its not such a scary prospect!
  • Learning how to create a checklist for 'Your Kit'. Which will include the instruments, equipment and general accessories that will help make you feel at home and comfortable in the studio on your vocal recording day/s.


Home Recording


One of the most popular modules currently on the course is Module 4.This module looks at the process and practical application of home recording. Whether you are a beginner, starting out with no equipment or knowledge, or a singer who has already some experience in this area, there are lots of useful tips and product information in relation to the different routes you might take to record your voice at home.

Currently, more and more singers are taking to home recording to fill the gap in the absence of live performance opportunities.

If you are interested in giving it a go, or simply want to improve your tech set up so you can enhance your 1to 1 singing lesson, then this is one module you will not want to miss.

We will look at

  • Why it's so important to give some home recording a try?
  • The process involved in home recording
  • Desktop & Laptop Equipment Setups
  • Mobile Equipment Set Ups ( for both iOS (Apple) and Android users)
  • Recommended recording software
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  • Looking at how the process of recording your voice at home can be as simple or as complex as you wish.
  • Complete equipment bundle lists, including current prices and links to purchase, for a variety of budgets and recording options.
  • A list of great tips and things to remember when recording your voice at home


At the Studio

Module 5 is when you will really get familiar with the physicality of a recording studio. Those of you out there with some studio experience will probably agree that going to the studio to record, although exciting, is also a nerve wracking experience!

Taking a closer look at the different studio rooms and their functions, addressing the art of great studio singing, examining how singing with studio headphones can alter a singers perspective and in general addressing what a typical studio day might look like, are all covered in this module and will greatly aid inn your psychological preparation and help calm those nerves!


  • Studio singing is an art in itself and certainly something that singers can struggle with. This module includes some activities that will help you become familiar with what your voice sounds like recorded.
  • The challenge of singing both accurately and 'sounding like yourself' when wearing studio headphones can be overcome once you are prepared, and know what to expect from both yourself and the equipment in the studio.


Post Recording

So you have completed your recording, what next? Module 6 walks you through the options regarding the release of your music, covering everything from accompanying artistic design, promotion and sales, the all important licensing and copyright requirements for original and cover music, right the way through to organising a really great 'launch event' that will be sure to cause a stir!


  • It's important to remember that everyone will have very different plans for their music once its recorded. There is no pressure to follow any particular path, and depending on your own personal situation, making decisions about what you do with your music will be made all the easier when you know what options are available to you, and what you need to consider.
  • Part of this module starts an interesting and necessary conversation about how you present yourself to the world, not just with your music but with your 'image'. It's not something every artist considers, but the importance of connecting with your listeners through your projected image can greatly aid your following as people find a common ground with you and your music.
  • A selection of really useful tips and advice on how to plan a great launch event, that will reveal your recording and showcase all your hard work!

 When you enroll by April 2nd, 23:59 you'll get:


  • to 31 lessons over 6 modules guiding you through EVERYTHING you need to know to organise and carry out a successful, creative and enjoyable recording project


  • for each module containing activities, quiz’s, vocal warm up backing tracks, check lists, useful links to recommended equipment and articles for further research


  • A proven step by step process to ensure that you don't waste your time or money when recording

 What will you Overcome?

  • Fear of not knowing how to begin a recording project
  • Fear of wasting your time and money
  • Fear of feeling embarrassed and intimidated by a professional recording studio setting
  • Fear of tech and equipment necessary for home recording
  • Fear of not understanding how to get the best from your voice on a recording
  • Finally rid yourself of the fear of not realising your dream recording

Course Guarantee

I have spent the past 20 years compiling the knowledge and experiences that have lead to the creation of this course. Therefore, I trust this course in its entirety. I truly believe that you will finish the course, already having implemented your recording journey, or at the very least all fired up and ready to begin once the time is right for you.

Therefore, I am delighted to be able to offer a

14 Day Money Back Guarantee

If, after 14 days you are not convinced that your investment is going to benefit you in the way I know it can, then I will happily return your fee and wish you every continued success.




Elevate Your Recording

One time payment of £47


For over 20 years I have been performing and recording. I have spent the majority of my life singing, never once having had a 9-5 job! As you can imagine, this has resulted in me learning, learning and learning even more, about the industry as a whole. Making mistakes, taking the hits, trying again, getting the gig, not getting the gig, working with all different character types and finding my own identity as an artist. Following my Degree (in classical music as it happens) from the Cork School of Music, I have continued to research and learn not just about the voice and how it works, but also how to become a great vocal coach and share my knowledge with other singers with a love for learning.

For the last 9 years I have been coaching singers at Voiceworks Studio, who are just like me, and just like you, who share a passion for singing, for entertaining and for sharing music with the world. This is what has compelled me to put this course together and I cannot wait to guide you through the 6 modules of the course, and in doing so help you realise your recording dreams, and help you avoid some of the very pitfalls I experienced along the way!

"If you get the opportunity to work with Angela, grab it with both hands, because that lady has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things music. Be it performing, songwriting, teaching or recording, she has done it all and is so generous with her knowledge and her time, and is just so encouraging"

Aisling Mc Carthy

"Angela is the warmest and most encouraging person to guide one through the recording process, from the absolute most basic prep to the more advanced technical aspects of a session in the studio. I learned loads from this course, even though I would have considered myself to have some experience. She made me think about things I hadn't considered before, and now I can't wait to get back in the studio!"

Kirsty Stewart

Elevate Your Recording

One time payment of £47