Your Vocal Practice

How to design a daily vocal practice routine you'll love that will unlock your true potential as a singer.

W/ Gemma Sugrue


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What Students Have To Say

Alan Young

“I’ve been a student of music and singing all my life and I’ve never had the opportunity to experience such a holistic and varied training as I did on this course. Gemma is a first class instructor who doesn’t subscribe to one methodology or way of teaching but is open to all the best science and practical implementation of vocology. On the course I learnt new terms, ideas, ways of thinking about the voice and vocal practices.”

Solène Halligon

"This course gives you a real sense of awareness when it comes to what you are actually doing to make different sounds with your voice, allowing you to manipulate your voice to mimic almost any sound you like. It opens your mind up to so many different stylistic techniques that I never even knew I was using, and allowed me to understand how exactly I could use them. Something that was meaningful to me about this course was that the science behind it was very helpful. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve their technique and their voice in general!"

Trish Karl

“Gemma’s visuals and step-by-step explanation made it so easy to understand what has to happen to produce certain sound qualities. I am really grateful for receiving a guide on vowels (when to use which, favourable combinations etc.) and the easy to follow exercises. I was also delighted to finally receive a better understanding of all the terminology around belting which was very confusing before.”

Meet Your Vocal Coach!

GEMMA SUGRUE MA, Bmus, LRSL is a voice and lifestyle coach and owner of Voiceworks Studio.

As a singer Gemma has recorded a jazz album, In My Nature, has performed as a soloist with the RTE Concert Orchestra and Jenny Greene at venues including The Three Arena, and has appeared as a guest vocalist on TV shows including Dancing with the Stars and The Late Late Show. Gemma has worked as a background vocalist for artists including Bon Iver, Damien RiceRoisin Murphy (Moloko)James Vincent McMorrow and many more.

Gemma is a certified Tiny Habits coach and is on the board of management for Vocology in Practice, a global network of voice experts. She has coached hundreds of singers all over the world from LA to Shanghai and is very excited to launch her brand new course, Your Vocal Practice.